New York City, March 24


In the gloomy domed livingroom of the tower Buck Mulligan’s gowned form moved briskly to and fro about the hearth, hiding and revealing its yellow glow. Two shafts of soft daylight fell across the flagged floor from the high barbacans: and at the meeting of their rays a cloud of coalsmoke and fumes of fried grease floated, turning.

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An infinite capacity for fashioning happiness

Marketing Director

Lee-Anne Singer is marketing director at the Singer Group. The Singer Group is a well-known travel and hospitality company with a track record of over 55 years. Lee-Anne has 15 years’ experience in the travel and hotel industry, and drives business development for the Group, identifying new business opportunities and partnerships. Passionate about leadership, empowerment and social entrepreneurship, she is involved in various community and entrepreneurship programs that drive social change and job creation. These include pop-up shops and art exhibitions at their hotels, and mentorship programs in the business. Prior to joining the Singer Group, Lee-Anne worked in various roles within the media industry, including CNBC Africa, The Property Magazine and Top Women in Business and Government.

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Capetown is life

Marketing Assistant

Stephen listened in scornful silence. She bows her old head to a voice that speaks to her loudly, her bonesetter, her medicineman: me she slights. To the voice that will shrive and oil for the grave all there is of her but her woman’s unclean loins, of man’s flesh made not in God’s likeness, the serpent’s prey.

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Berlin, March 27


And putting on his stiff collar and rebellious tie he spoke to them, chiding them, and to his dangling watchchain. His hands plunged and rummaged in his trunk while he called for a clean handkerchief. God, we’ll simply have to dress the character. I want puce gloves and green boots. Contradiction.

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Singergroup Marketing #beremarkable
Marketing Director, Live Life
Marketing Assistant, Stay Cool
Marketing Executive, Be Happy